the out-of-network advantage...

Pierson Physical Therapy operates as an out of network provider, staying true to our mission to provide the highest quality of care.  The “business” of healthcare, the practices of insurance companies, and the PT clinics that participate with them do not often have your care as the highest priority. 


It is our belief that your care should be determined by you and your treating practitioners only, without being altered by a third party payer.  In a typical physical therapy clinic, you may get one on one interaction from a licensed PT for 15 minutes (if at all).  The rest of the visit is usually comprised of various modalities to allow for temporary pain relief or completion of activities that you could likely do on your own outside of the clinic. 


At Pierson Physical Therapy, you have the full attention of your PT for 100% of the session.  Treatments typically last between 45 min and one hour, magnifying the benefit from each session.  Often times there is a key structure treated, an elusive movement pattern trained, or a contributing lifestyle component that is discussed that could easily be missed in the traditional model, if your therapist were supervising other patients with their concentration stretched thin


Ultimately, we believe in a healthcare model that has your needs as the absolute priority, with no restrictions on visit frequency, length, or content.  No fine print, surprising bills on the back end, or hidden agendas for your treatment sessions.  We are happy to provide you with the information required to submit your claim for out of network reimbursement. Allow us to serve you in the most effective way possible.

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