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Pierson Physical Therapy provides a manual, comprehensive approach to patient care.  A specifically tailored plan of care is developed for each patient through an integrated evaluation including functional tests, in depth movement analysis, and hands on evaluation of joint, myofascial, and neural mobility as it relates to the overall dysfunction.  Objective findings and clinical research are paired with intuition to develop an individualized plan of care for each patient.  


Although it may be pain, tightness, or an injury that causes you to seek treatment, there may be other (often overlooked) factors that contribute: a long-forgotten injury, a damaging habit or posture, lack of balance or harmony in body systems, or simply inefficient movement during day-to-day activities. Treatment is not focused on avoiding pain and disability, but on achieving efficiency and potential. A plan of treatment is developed from a detailed functional assessment and hands-on evaluation.  The result is a unique, specifically tailored program for YOU. Every person is different, and a treatment program must respect that fact.  Treatment is carried out within the vision that every individual has untapped existing potential; goals are not focused on restoration of "normal" function, but on achieving "optimal" function.   


Every patient will be evaluated and treated by Aaron Pierson, a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a residency trained and certified functional manual therapist. 

Treatment & Session Design


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