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The human system - your body - is intimately interconnected.  Any individual issue is explicable only by and through reference to the whole.  Treatment of a person is only effective if the whole person is treated.


Normal is not acceptable.  "Normal" results in aging, degeneration, settling for mediocre, and riding a fine line between pain and no pain.  You were given one body, I recommend you settle for nothing less than the optimal, efficient state that you are capable of achieving.       


Aaron Pierson, PT, DPT, CFMT

Physical Therapist, Certified in Functional Manual Therapy®

Phone: 469-343-2874

Fax: 1-888-965-2579


503 S. Tennessee St. 

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Reference to the terms Functional Manual Therapist™ and CFMT™ are trademarks of the Institute of Physical Art, Inc. Certified in Functional Manual Therapy® is a registered trademark of the Institute of Physical Art, Inc.


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